Making Healthy Cheaper

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Today's health plan designs must be more dynamic.
The old-fashioned and basic health plan designs currently offered across the marketplace, are no longer fit for purpose. Health plan designs must go further and make healthy cheaper, by improving quality of life, balancing affordability with rich benefits, prioritizing access to the highest quality providers and encouraging healthy proactive behaviors. The OPEH&W Health Plan is doing just that, by including the following 30 benefits as standard components of all its health coverage options.

      FREE    Cancer Care  
      FREE    Transplants  
      FREE    Cardiac Surgeries  
      FREE    Spine Surgeries  
      FREE    Hip & Knee Replacements  
      FREE    Maternity Care  
      FREE    Member Cash Rewards with MemberRewards  
      FREE    Medical Equipment & Supplies with ConnectDME  
      FREE    Primary & Pediatric Care with MDLIVE  
      FREE    Psychiatry & Counseling Care with MDLIVE  
      FREE    Mental Health Support Programs with inMynd, SilverCloud, or LearnToLive  
      FREE    Muscle & Joint Pain Program with Hinge Health  
      FREE    Diabetes & Diabetes Prevention Programs with Omada Health  
      FREE    High Blood Pressure Program with Omada Health  
      FREE    High Cholesterol Program with Omada Health  
      FREE    Asthma & COPD Program with Propeller  
      FREE    Alcohol Addiction Program with Pelago  
      FREE    Opioid Addiction Program with Pelago  
      FREE    Tobacco & Vaping Addiction Program with Pelago  
      FREE    Health & Wellness Program with WellOnTarget  
      FREE    Weight Management Programs with Wondr Health and Omada Health  
      FREE    In-Home Sleep Studies with ConnectDME  
      FREE    Women's & Family Support Programs with Ovia Health  
      FREE    OTC Acid-Reflux & GERD Medications
      $5    OTC Antihistamine Medications
      FREE    Tobacco & Smoking Cessation Medications
      $25    Insulin - Preferred Brands
      $5    Diabetic Oral Generic Medications
      $500    for Dependent Accident Claims  
      50%    Dependent Deductible Reimbursement