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Free Alcohol, Tabacco, Vaping & Opioid Addiction Program
from Pelago

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Program Overview
        90% of Individuals Needing Care Aren’t Getting It
        World's First 100% Digital Addiction Clinic
        Comprehensive Medication-Assisted Treatment Program for Multiple Addictions
        Personalized Addiction Treatment Programs for Alcohol, Opioid, Tobacco & Vaping
        Validated in a Randomized-Controlled Trial & 8 Peer-Reviewed Studies

Program Facts
        88% Member Activation Rate
        52% Validated Tobacco Quit Rate
        73% Abstain or Drinking Below Safe Limit
        5x Higher Quit Rates than Other Programs

All Pelago Addiction Solutions Offer
        Improved Mood & Health
        Private & Confidential
        No Judgement
        Engaging Mobile Content
        Dedicated Quit Coach Care Team
        Personalized Tracking
        Unlimited 1:1 Psychological Therapy Available 24/7
        Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Education
        Audio Sessions & Physical Exercises
        Physician Led Virtual Clinical Care

Tobacco & Vaping Addiction Program
        19.7% of Oklahomans are Tobacco Users
        $3,598 Annual Cost of Tobacco Use per Affected Individual
        $2,400 Annually is What a Pack-A-Day Smoker Spends on Cigarettes
Program Includes
        Nicotine Replacement Therapy
        Connected Carbon Monoxide Monitor Device

Alcohol Addiction Program
        6-9% of Oklahomans have Alcohol Issues
        $12,301 Annual Cost of Alcohol Addiction per Affected Individual
        16% of ER Patients Injured at Work have Alcohol in their System
        70% of Oklahomans with Alcohol Addiction also use Tobacco
Program Includes
        Connected Alcohol Breathalyzer Device
        Prescribed Medication (naltrexone) Discreetly Mailed to Your Home

Opioid Addiction Program
        1-2% of Oklahomans have Opioid Issues
        $21,281 Annual Medical Cost of Opioid Misuse per Affected Individual
        70% of U.S. Overdose Deaths (47,157), in 2018 were due to Opioids
Program Includes
        At Home Urine Analysis Testing
        Prescribed Medication (buprenorphine/naloxone) Discreetly Mailed to Your Home