Administrative Services

Day-to-Day operations of the OPEH&W Health Plan are performed by the OPEH&W Health Plan’s Administration Office. Due to the OPEH&W Health Plan being a public trust, the administration of the OPEH&W Health Plan is contracted to McElroy & Associates. When you call the OPEH&W Health Plan’s toll free phone number this is who you are talking to.

McElroy & Associates has been the OPEH&W Health Plan's Administrator since 1996. During this time it has overseen and introduced many changes and improvements. Today, the administration of the OPEH&W Health Plan is more complex than at any other time in its history, with more than 5 times as many participating employer groups than in 1996.

Plan Administrator
The OPEH&W Health Plan Administrators Office is primarily focused with securing the best vendor contracts available. This allows the OPEH&W Health Plan to continue to offer rich benefits at affordable rates, while also providing expert advice to the OPEH&W Health Plan's Board of Trustees as they make the tough decisions on the future direction of the OPEH&W Health Plan.

The Administration Office prides itself on its professionalism, passion and expertise, and is the cornerstone for the success of the OPEH&W Health Plan. It’s ability to provide a wide range of services at industry low rates with a small but dedicated team is impressive. This is backed up by the OPEH&W Health Plan's track record as it continues to offer benefit rich plan designs at some of the lowest rates available.

Administration Services
Cloud Based Administration & Enrollment Platform
Vendor Contract Negotiation
Financial Controls & Investment Management
Financial Audits
Actuarial Assessments
Member Education & Communication
Group Education & Communication
Board Education & Communication
Group Invoicing
Customer Service
Day-to-Day Adminstrative Tasks
Member Support Functions
Federal Regulation Compliance
Data Security
Creation of Communication Materials
Marketing & Asquisition of New Groups

Administration Team
Dana McElroy
918 333 3045 x 228
Ross Naylor
Vice President
918 440 9051
Jennifer Schnelle
Director of Retiree Support
918 333 3045 x 224
January Gilmore
Director of Group Support
918 333 3045 x 222
Lisa Shaw
Group Specialist
918 333 3045 x 221
Kristy Curry
Group Specialist
918 333 3045 x 225
Chris Dimick
Data Specialist
918 333 3045