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Free In-Home Sleep Studies

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Up to 3 Nights Use with the ONE-M
ONE-M Helps Detect Night-to-Night Variance
Fully Disposable - No Return Shipment
Easy to Use
Instant & Highly Accurate Results
Real Time Cloud Data Upload
Detects True Sleep Time, Sleep Staging & Sleep Apnea
Measures & Collects 7 Channels of Data:
   AHI & RDI via PAT
   Heart Rate
   Body Position
   Chest Motion
Send a Physician’s Order for a Home Sleep Test to ConnectDME
Receive the At-Home Sleep Study Device
Wear the Device for One Night or Up To 3 Nights with ONE-M
Date Automatically Uploaded to the Cloud
Dispose of the Device
Data Scored by a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist
Results Sent to Prescribing Physician
Results Meet AASM & CMS Definitions for Sleep Hypopnea Scoring Guidelines