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ApenaLink Air™
Revolutionary High-Performance
Reliable, Compact & Lightweight
Able to Differentiate Obstructive & Central Apneas
Able to Detect Cheyne-Stokes Probability
Easy-to-Use One-Touch Operation
Green Lights Signal Testing is Complete
ApneaLink Air™ tracks and captures 5 channels of data:
   Respiratory Effort
   Oxygen Saturation
   Nasal Flow
The Process
Send a Physician’s Order for a Home Sleep Test to ConnectDME
Device is worn for just one night
Return device to ConnectDME
Data scored by a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist
Data interpreted by a Board-Certified Sleep Physiciany
Results sent to prescribing Physician within 2 business days of the device’s return
Results provided meet AASM and CMS definitions for hypopnea scoring guidelines