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Health Coverage Options
The OPEH&W Health Plan is an approved and qualified plan with OPERS & OTRS, allowing retirees to receive any subsidy they might qualify for from their retirement funds to offset their monthly health coverage cost.

Under 65 Health Coverage Options
        For Retirees, Spouses & Children aged 64 and younger
        Health Coverage Options for Retirees are identical to those of active members
        Any Health Coverage Option equal to or lower than the Health Coverage Option they had in place at the time of retirement is available
              Health Coverage Options  

Over 65 Health Coverage
        For Retirees & Spouse aged 65 and older
        Over 65 Coverage Overview  
        $142.70 per month, or just $37.70 after OPERS Entitlement Applied
        A Medicare Advantage Plan with Both Medical and Rx Coverage
        Same Fixed Rate for all Participants (No Age, Gender or Tobacco Rating)
        Zero Medical Out-of-Pocket
        4,500 Prescription Medication Formulary
        Consistent Coverage During Donut Hole
        $3,000 Hearing Aid Allowance (every 36 months)

Retirement Subsidies
        The OPEH&W Health Plan is approved as a Qualified Plan
        Able to receive subsidies from retirement funds such as OPERS & OTRS
        This can only be used to offset Health Coverage premiums

Dental & Vision Coverage Options
Dental & Vision Coverage Options for Retirees are identical to those of Active Employees
              Dental Coverage Options  
              Vision Coverage Options  

Life Coverage Options
        Participation is optional
        Coverage of a Retiree and/or Spouse is unconditional (i.e. Health status has no bearing)
        Retiree volume does not reduce at age 70 or 80
        Choose from 4 Death Benefit amounts
        With or without 50% Spouse Death Benefit
        Retiree Life Coverage Options are shown below

Member        Spouse              Rate
    5,000                   0            14.75
    5,000            2,500            19.75
  10,000                   0            29.50
  10,000            5,000            39.50
  15,000                   0            44.25
  15,000            7,500            59.25
  20,000                   0            59.00
  20,000          10,000            79.00