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The OPEH&W Health Plan knows that privacy is very important; and it wants to let you know that it is important to the OPEH&W Health Plan, too. The following is a summary of the OPEH&W Health Plan's privacy practices, it explains in full what information the OPEH&W Health Plan might collect, what the OPEH&W Health Plan does with the information it collects and what security measures it has in place.

General Information
The OPEH&W Health Plan respects your right to privacy. Whether you are a current member of the Oklahoma Public Employees Health & Welfare Plan (hereafter "OPEH&W Health Plan") or if you are just visiting this website, the OPEH&W Health Plan assures you that it does not collect personal information about you unless you provide it to The OPEH&W Health Plan. The OPEH&W Health Plan website may contain links to other sites. The OPEH&W Health Plan strongly urges you to review the privacy policy on each website you visit.

Your Information
Personal information is not collected unless you give it to us. If you are simply browsing this website, the OPEH&W Health Plan does not collect any personal information. From time to time, the OPEH&W Health Plan may compile statistics on the use of the website. The OPEH&W Health Plan may monitor statistics, such as how many visitors or which browsers people use, but this data does not identify anyone personally. If you give the OPEH&W Health Planyour personal information to conduct normal business operations, the OPEH&W Health Plan will not sell it to anybody, ever.

The OPEH&W Health Plan uses links throughout the website for you to elect to contact the OPEH& Health Plan. The OPEH&W Health Plan will ask you to call or write regarding any topic considered too sensitive for e-mail. Additionally, the OPEH&W Health Plan does welcome questions, comments and suggestions. Also, you may be offered the opportunity to have an OPEH&W Health Plan representative contact you. To better serve you in this regard, the OPEH&W Health Plan will require minimal personal information, such as your name and telephone number. The OPEH&W Health Plan may keep this information on file to help you in the future. The OPEH&W Health Plan may also share this information with its subsidiary, business partners, representatives or affiliates in support of normal operational activities of the OPEH&W Health Plan. The OPEH&W Health Plan will never provide this information to 3rd parties outside of normal operational activities.

A "cookie" is a piece of information that the OPEH&W Health Plan's website sends to your browser, which then stores this information on your system. If the cookie is stored, the website remembers information about you and your preferences. If the cookie is temporary, it will only remember information about you until you exit the current browser window. The OPEH&W Health Plan does not use persistent cookies. Remember - cookies only contain information, which you have already provided. The OPEH&W Health Plan's cookies are always encrypted and never store any more data than is pertinent to its online systems. The OPEH&W Health Plan cookies will also self-expire and delete after a short period of time, in line with stringent security practices. Cookies do not get into your hard drive and return to the sender with personal or other information from your computer.

The OPEH&W Health Plan only uses cookies in two ways. The first is temporary cookies. When you visit this website, the web server automatically sends your browser a temporary cookie, which is used to help your browser navigate the website. Any information is erased when you close your current browser window. If you visit this website from another website, the web server may send your browser a temporary cookie that reflects an "origination code" for that website. This information is used for statistical purposes only.

If you visit this website and request information from the OPEH&W Health Plan, the OPEH&W Health Plan may also use cookies. If you click on a box that says something like "please remember my profile," this website will send a cookie. If you want more information, visit this Microsoft webpage on the use of cookies:  

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