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Suicidal Thoughts? Help is Available
If you or anyone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800 273 8255 or call 911 if you feel you are in immediate danger.
Learn to Live
An online mental health program for people living with stress, depression, substance use, insomnia and/or social anxiety.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Don’t wait to take care of your mental health
There are a thousand reasons you might put your mental health on the back burner. You’re busy. You’re worried what someone could think. Maybe it will get better on its own.
But mental health problems aren’t always easy to manage without help. And the longer you wait to get help, the longer it can take to get better. Give your mental wellbeing some attention today.
How Learn to Live Works
Learn to Live is a confidential online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program. This form of therapy focuses on problem solving and changing behaviors. You can take online programs for the following conditions: Depression, Social Anxiety, Stress, Substance Use, Anxiety, Worry and Insomnia. The programs help you identify the problem(s), understand how your mind works, then learn and practice ways to deal with the problem(s).
Learn to Live Programs
Social Anxiety
Do you feel isolated? Is it too difficult or awkward to voice your point of view? Social anxiety has a history of creating barriers that keep us from the lives we want to live. Using the highly effective tools of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we can help you learn to live.
Depression affects almost 10% of people each year. Because the root causes of depression are different than those for anxiety, Learn to Live has developed a program specifically for depression. This program applies the same proven CBT principles to help people change unhelpful thought and behavior patterns.
Stress, Anxiety & Worry
Painful stress, anxiety and worry affect up to 30% of the population each year. Stopping the worry cycle can sometimes seem impossible. Learn to Live has developed a program to help individuals overcome their anxiety struggles and refresh their lives.
Do you have difficulty sleeping? Do you find yourself laying awake at night, unable to get adequate sleep? If you answered yes, then this is the program for you. You'll learn how to harness your fatigue to help you sleep better. You'll find tools to help you let go of the stress and worry that so often contribute to insomnia.
Substance Use
Sometimes concerns about alcohol or drug use can sneak up on us. If that's your experience, you aren't alone. It happens to 1 in 10 of us every year. And it can turn our lives, jobs and relationships upside down. Learn to Live's Substance Use program offers proven CBT tools that have helped many out of this trap.
The Learn to Live Process
Identify the problem
Life provides us with plenty of opportunities to feel stressed and worried, like relationships, health, work and finances. It’s normal to feel sad, lonely, afraid, nervous or anxious. If those feelings don’t seem to go away, it may be an indication of an issue with anxiety or depression.
We'll help you identify the thoughts and behavior patterns that perpetuate your issues, so you can work through them. You don't have to stay anxious and lonely. Your world can get bigger.
Understand How Your Mind Works
Sometimes our own thoughts become too focused on perceived threats and our sense of helplessness. When we experience depression or anxiety, these thinking patterns become our norm. We worry that we will be miserable and stuck, and we start avoiding the things in life that would help us be more resilient.
Our programs are designed to help you recognize your fears and stressors, and understand how to deal with the thoughts and behavior patterns that are keeping you anxious or down.
Learn Ways to Deal with the Problem
The Learn to Live programs are divided into eight lessons, each describing new ideas like Thought Inspection, Fear-facing and Goal Setting to help you develop new healthy habits. You’ll listen to Dr. Russ explain the thought processes and behaviors that get you stuck, and introduce the powerful tools of CBT in his quirky and engaging way. And learn to how to live the life you’ve been longing for.
Once you have the know-how, it's time to put it to work. Your homework provides you the opportunity to practice your new thinking and living on a daily basis.
We help you set your goals and track your progress from your personalized dashboard. We also help you identify the support you need to reach your goals: a Learn to Live coach, people you already know - your Teammates, or others in the community who are on the same path.
Live the Life You Want To
By the end of the program, you will have learned to inspect your thoughts and change your behavior patterns, and will have taken the first steps towards becoming more engaged in your life.
You will be able to manage your thoughts, actions, and attention in more situations. You’ll have the tools and capabilities you need to truly live and maintain the life you've always wanted to live.
The Science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Hundreds of studies have shown that CBT is a powerful solution to problems like anxiety and depression. When CBT tools are delivered online, they're as effective as face-to-face sessions, making this a smart option for those who prefer online to in-office meetings.