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Vision Coverage

   Carrier: VSP (Vision Service Plan)
   Network: Signature
   Customer Service: 800 877 7195


   Once every 12-months receive a WellVision Eye Exam for a $10 Co-Pay.
   Once every 12-months receive a Routine Digital Retinal Screening for up to a maximum $39 Co-Pay
   Once every 12-months pay $25 for Lenses and/or Frames.
   Once every 12-months receive Single, Lined-Bifocal, Lined-Trifocal, Light-Reactive Lenses or Standard Progressive (No-Line) Lenses for Free.
   Receive Premium Progressive Lenses for a $80-$90 Co-Pay, or Custom Progressive Lenses for a $120-$160 Co-Pay.
   Or, get 35-40% Discounts on High Index, Polarized & Impact-Resistant Lenses.
   Polycarbonate Lenses for Kids are Free.
   Tinting, Transitional (Photochromic), Polycarbonate Lenses for Adults, Anti-Glare Coating, Edge Polishing, Scratch Resistant Coating, Tinting & UV Protection are Discounted 35-40%.
   Once every 24-months spend up to $120 and receive a 20% Discount for amounts over that.
   Choose a Featured Frame Brand and get an extra $20 to spend, for a total allowance of $140.
   20% Discount on additional glasses including lens enhancements, or non-prescription sunglasses or blue-light filtering glasses within 12-months of last eye exam.
   Instead of Lenses and/or Frames.
   $120 to spend towards the cost of Contact Lenses once every 12-months.
   15% Discount, for a Contact Lens Fitting & Evaluation once every 12-months.
   The Contact Lens Fitting & Evaluation does not count against the amount available to be spent on Contact Lenses.
   Medically Necessary Contact Lenses are Free.
   Note: Purchase of Contact Lenses resets the 12-month waiting period for Lenses & Frames.
   For a $20 Co-Pay, receive:
         Retinal Screenings for members with diabetes.
         Medical Exams & Services for diagnosis, treatment, & management of chronic conditions, such as diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, & age-related macular degeneration.
         Treatment for Urgent Conditions such as eye infections, foreign body & abrasions, eye injuries, & eye or eyelid chemical exposure.
         Medical Tests for diagnosis & treatment of sudden vision changes, such as eye flashes, floaters, & sudden vision loss.
         Other Vision Medical Services
   Laser Vision Surgery from in-network providers is Discounted for an average 15% off the regular price, or 5% off the promotional price.
   Save up to 60% on top of the line hearing aids.
   Free, fast online hearing screening.
   Get 120 hearing aid batteries for only $39.
   Members can utilize out-of-network providers, but they will be required to pay the provider in full at the time of service.
   Members can then apply for a partial reimbursement directly from VSP using the Out-of-Network Reimbursement Form.
   Claims must be filed within 6-months of the date of service.
   Members may receive the following reimbursement allowances for out-of-network services after any applicable co-pays or deductibles:
        $50    Exam
        $50    Single Vision Lenses
        $75    Lined Bifocal Lenses
        $100    Lined Trifocal Lenses
        $125    Lenticular Lenses
        $75    Progressive Lenses
        $70    Frames
        $105    Elective Contact Lenses
        $5    Tints
   Current & Former Employee Coverage & Rates for the 2024/25 Plan Year, effective 7/1/2024 through 6/30/2025.
       6.28    Member
       5.82    Child
       5.82    Children
       5.50    Spouse
       14.92    Spouse & Child
       14.92    Spouse & Children