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Suicidal Thoughts? Help is Available
Ifyou or anyone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800 273 8255 or call 911 if you feel you are in immediate danger.

A Better Way to Feel Better
Personal, On-Demand, Digital Mental Health Support and Guidance for Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Sleep Problems or Resilience Concerns

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Digital Platform
Access by Phone, Tablet or Computer
Explore a Wide-Range of Lessons, Tools & Videos
Receive Coaching & Support
Record Thoughts & Feelings with the Journal Tool
Practice Mindfulness with Relaxation & Breathing Techniques
5 Focused Programs
Increase Awareness of Thoughts & Moods
Learn to Face your Anxieties
Gain Control of Anxious Thoughts
Reflect on Feelings & Actions Links
Learn to Improve Your Mood
Feel Better About the Future & Yourself
Boost Your Wellbeing
Get Tips on Shining in Specific Situations
Learn the 5 Domains of Resilience
Sleep Issues
Learn the Cause of Poor Sleep
Assess Your Current Sleep Habits
Start & Maintain Healthy Sleep Cycles
Manage Stress & Improve Self-Esteem
Set Smart Life Goals
Learn to Better Solve Problems
Certified Coaching
Coaches that work for you by providing guidance and assistance in completing the program, offering help with:
Goal Setting
Progress Charting
Understanding Program Content
Inspiring, Motivating & Celebrating Success
The Key to Success
Create & Maintain Consistent Behaviors
Log In, Same Time, Several Days a Week
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