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Health Assessment
On your first log in to BlueAccess for Members you will be asked to complete the Health Assessment, or will receive reminders to complete your Health Assessment if you haven't yet done so
 》Sometimes known as a health risk assessment
 》It takes about 15 minutes
 》It uses adaptable questions to learn more about your current health status
 》Including comparing your health with others in your age group
 》It identifies what you are already doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement
 》After completion, you will get a personal wellness report and a certificate of completion
 》This provides recommended goals and action steps
 》You can also compare your latest results with your previous results
 》Your answers help tailor the Well onTarget portal with the programs that may help you reach your goals
 》Completing your Health Assessment earns you 2,500 BluePoints
 》You should plan to retake the Health Assessment every 6 months (and earning another 2,500 BluePoints in the process)
 》This will help you understand the progress you're making or where additional effort might be needed

 》After first completing certain activities, such as:
   》Completing the Health Assessment
   》Having a biometric screening
   》Watching a video on a suggested clinical topic
   》Connecting a device to help track fitness
 》The Well onTarget portal becomes dynamically personalized based upon your responses
 》Displaying personally relevant content and engagement opportunities
 》Refreshes regularly based on your interests and completed activities

Self-Management Programs
 》26 programs to support your health journey
 》Recommended based on your Health Assessment responses
 》Packed with options to help you meet your health goals
 》Work at your own pace to reach your health goals
 》Offer structured activities, clinical and behavioral information
 》Earn BluePoints by reaching milestones
 》Interactive or Educational
 》Interactive Programs include:
   》Quitting Tobacco, Weight Management & Managing Stress
   》Involve creating daily habits to track, with midpoint and final assessments
 》Educational Programs include:
   》Preventive Health & Sleep Health
   》Involve quizzes, podcasts and other resources embedded within a 6-lesson format

Tools & Trackers
Resources to keep you on course while making wellness fun
 》Interactive Symptom Checker
 》Articles & Condition Management Information
 》Track a wide range of health factors such as:
   》Food Diary
   》Exercise Diary
   》Stress Levels
   》Blood Pressure
   》Tobacco Use

Wellness Coaching
Certified wellness coaches, available by phone or secure messaging, able to help with:
 》Quitting tobacco
 》Maintaining a tobacco free status
 》Improving physical fitness
 》Ideas for healthy eating
 》Accessing a registered dietitian
 》Managing and positively impacting blood pressure
 》Managing and positively impacting cholesterol
 》Designing a health and wellness plan for your fitness level, lifestyle and goals
 》Creative and healthy ways to combat stress

Mobile App
Take wellness on the go, anytime - anywhere and:
 》Take your Health Assessment
 》Set personal health and wellness goals
 》Track your progress
 》Connect with a wellness coach
 》Track data synced from more than 80 fitness devices and apps

BluePoints Program
 》BluePoints can help motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle
 》Earn points for participating in wellness activities
 》You can redeem points in the online shopping mall
 》The program gives you points instantly, so you can use them right away

Fitness Program
 》10,000+ fitness locations nationwide
 》Unlimited, anytime anywhere access
 》No annual commitment
 》$25 enrollment fee
 》$25 monthly access fee per member
 》Get 2,500 BluePoints for joining
 》Earn additional BluePoints for weekly visits
 》Additional membership benefits include:
   》Monthly Newsletter
   》Online resources to locate gyms & track visits
   》Discounts from a network of 40,000+ complementary & alternative medicine providers