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Member Rewards
Free with the Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Health Plans

Participate for Free
 》Call 800.313.5162 before any procedure to see if a reward is available

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What it Does
 》Pays Members Cash
 》Just for selecting High Quality, Lower Cost Providers
 》No Limits
 》Cash Rewards available on over 50 procedures

Why it Matters
 》Quality varies between in-network providers
 》Prices for the same quality can differ by thousands of dollars

Reward Examples
 》$500 Hip or Knee Replacement
 》$500 Spinal Fusion
 》$250 Colonoscopy
 》$250 Upper GI Endoscopy
 》$150 CT Scan
 》$150 MRI
 》$150 Nasal/Sinus Endoscopy
 》$150 PET Scan
 》$50 Mammogram
 》$50 Ultrasound