Medical Coverage - Preventive Services

The following are just some of the Preventive/Routine Procedures, which when received at or from an in-network provider, are paid at 100%, once per plan year (unless otherwise indicated), this includes waiving the Office Visit Co-Pay:

» PAP Smears
» Mammograms (digital mammograms also covered)
» Prostate Screenings (PSA)
» Diabetic Screenings (no limit on number received per plan year)
» Annual Bone Density Screenings
» Immunizations
» Flu Vaccines (+ H1N1)
» Cholesterol Screenings
» Colorectal Cancer (Colonoscopy) Screenings (digital also covered)
» Blood Pressure Screenings
» Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screenings
» Obesity Screenings & Counseling
» Tobacco Use Screenings & Counseling

Some age and frequency limitations may apply, refer to the Health Plan's Benefit Book for more detail.
Benefit Book: Click Here