Medical Coverage - Dependent Deductible Reimbursement

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$375 Maximum Reimbursement per Plan Year per Child

Dependent Deductible Reimbursement Form: Click Here

How to Qualify

» If your covered Dependent Child meets more than $375 of their Plan Year Deductible (In or Out-of-Network) during the Plan Year, you will be eligible to apply for a reimbursement for the amount they met between $375 and $750.
» You must apply for the reimbursement no later than 3-months after the end of the Plan Year.
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How to Apply

» To apply, simply complete the Dependent Deductible Reimbursement form, then mail to the Plan Administration Office along with a copy of your recent Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from BlueCross and BlueShield, showing the total amount of the Plan Year Deductible which has been met for that Dependent Child.
» Reimbursement checks will be mailed directly to the Member.
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