Medical Coverage - Benefit Value Advisor

Would you blindly buy a new car without test-driving or researching its cost?

No , so why when we all have only one life and one body do we not take the same care before we access the health care system?

That’s where the Benefits Value Advisor can help, by providing a higher level customer service to members and their families through an increased focus on assisting with health care decision-making processes, improvement in quality care outcomes and achievement of cost savings.

It is accessed at no cost through the existing BlueCross Customer Service phone number on the member’s BlueCross Medical ID Card.

What the Benefits Value Advisor does:
» Convenience through a one-stop-shop customer service approach
» Access to a highly trained team of expert customer service agents
» Capable of assisting and supporting with any procedure, condition or claim
» Able to locate in-network providers while understanding a member’s needs, concerns and location
» Able to locate in-network providers who offer evidence of cost and quality care outcomes and transparency
» Assist with appointment scheduling and procedure per-certification coordination requirements, if necessary
» Able to provide cost comparisons between providers for a true shopping experience
» Able to provide guidance, knowledge and deep understanding of the Health Plan’s unique plan design
» Able to connect members to in-house clinical staff who are able to educate and provide assurances by walking members through both pre and post procedure events
» Assist the member in enrollment in chronic condition management programs for conditions such as Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure and Obesity
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