Counseling & Psychiatry
Free with the Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Health Plans

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Anytime Anywhere
 》For covered OPEH&W Health Plan Members, Spouses and Dependents
 》This service saves Members significant amounts of Out-of-Pocket costs
 》Counseling & Psychiatry services require an appointment be scheduled
 》This ensures that a professional qualified to support the relevant issue is available
 》Also, given the lengthier nature of the visit types that both parties have the required time available
 》Access on major holidays may result in small wait times

Treatable Conditions
MDLIVE Counselors & Pyschiatrists are able to treat many conditions, such as:
 》Marital Problems
 》Child Behavior & Learning Issues
 》Financial Hardship
 》Coping with Loss & Grief
 》Parenting Advice
 》Workplace Problems
 》Stresses of Everyday Life
 》& more...