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ConnectDME - The Health Plan’s Vendor for Medical Equipment & Supplies

How ConnectDME Works

You Have a Prescription
» Email:
» Fax: 918.515.6171

You are Preparing for Post-Surgery Needs
» Call ConnectDME: 918.600.5799 or 918.851.6249
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How Much ConnectDME Costs

Free - No Cost to Members and their Families
Free - Shipping & Handling
Free - Next Day Delivery (If Script Received Before Noon)
Free - In-Home Setup & Training
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Is Using ConnectDME Mandatory

No - However, to avoid out-of-pocket costs, members should use ConnectDME to fill medical equipment and supply prescriptions. The Health Plan will continue to pay towards prescriptions for medical equipment or supplies, which do not go through ConnectDME, but these will result in potentially high member out-of-pocket costs.
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What is Medical Equipment

Medical equipment and supplies (sometimes called Durable Medical Equipment (DME)) is equipment or supply items for a piece equipment needed outside of a medical facility environment, either for single or repeated use which has been prescribed by a qualified medical professional for the treatment of a medical condition or rehabilitation from a medical event or procedure.
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What's Available from ConnectDME

» Joint Braces: Such as Knee, Ankle & Upper Extremity
» Respiratory Supporters: Such as CPAP, Bi-PAP & Nebulizers
» Therapies: Such as DVT Prevention, Cold/Heat & CPM Machines
» Supports: Such as Knee-Wheelers, Crutches & Wheel Chairs
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What's Not Available from ConnectDME

Prescription Medications, Glucose Meters and Testing Strips. If in doubt call the Heath Plan.
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