Catapult Health Screenings

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» How it Works
» Measurements Taken
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How it Works

» $250 Deductible Reduction (Applied the following plan year for any Employee or Spouse completing a wellness screening)
» Convenient On-Site (or close by for smaller employer groups)
» Free No cost to individuals or employer groups
» Quick 30-minutes
» Tests Finger-prick blood test results processed on-site within 10-minutes
» Results Report sent securely to individual’s Primary Care Physician
» No Doctor? Catapult helps the individual screened find an in-network Primary Care Physician
» Participation Employer groups are required to schedule time for health screenings

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Measurements Taken

» Blood Pressure
» Glucose
» Hemoglobin A1C
» Total/HDL/LDL/VLDL Cholesterol
» Triglycerides
» Abdominal Circumference
» Metabolic Syndrome
» Liver Enzymes (AST, ALT)
» Body Mass Index
» Calculated Farmingham (Cardiovascular) Risk
» Calculated Ideal Body Weight
» Tobacco Use

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Actions Performed

» Personal Health History Recorded
» Family History Recorded
» Medication History Recorded
» Cancer Screenings Evaluated
» Symptoms Check
» Care Compliance & Care Gaps Identified
» Video Conference with a Certified Nurse Practitioner

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