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About the Board

» Every participating employer group must nominate an elected official or member of management to be their representative to the Board of Trustees
» There is a 15 member executive board who serve as trustees of the Health Plan
» * Denotes executive board member
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Board Representatives

ACCO      Gene Wallace      405.516.5313
Adair County      Sam Chandler      918.696.5717
Arnett Public Schools      Jackie Plymesser      580.885.7811
Atoka County      Christie Henry      580.889.5157
Beaver County      * C.J. Rose      580.625.4211
Beaver, Town of      Lori Downing      580.625.3331
Beckham County      Shannon Sawyer      580.928.3383
Bethany, City of      Steven Harzman      405.789.5005
Blanchard, City of      Robert Floyd      405.485.9392
Boise City Schools      Ira Harris      580.544.3110
Bryan County      Tony Simmons      580.283.3711
Buffalo, Town of      Linda Johnson      580.735.2521
Burns Flat, Town of      Terry Field      580.562.3144
Carter, Town of      Carl Drum      580.486.3624
Chattanooga, Town of      Phillip Humble      580.685.8028
Cherokee County      Doug Hubbard      918.456.4121
Choctaw County      Emily VanWorth      580.326.3778
Cimarron County      * Gina Richardson      580.544.3420
Circuit Engineering District No. 3      Roger Vandever      580.326.9191
Circuit Engineering District No. 4      Matt Goodson      405.273.4351
Circuit Engineering District No. 5      Carol Cline      405.812.4735
Circuit Engineering District No. 6      Kenny Wall      580.313.0040
Circuit Engineering District No. 7      Debbie Walpole      580.323.8685
Circuit Engineering District No. 8      Donnie Head      580.327.2278
Cleveland, City of      Elzie Smith      918.358.3506
Coal County      Eugina Loudermilk      580.927.2103
Craig County      * Tammy Malone      918.256.2507
Custer County      Lyle Miller      580.664.3365
Custer City, Town of      Alva Kluckner      580.593.2312
Dewey, City of      Kevin Trease      918.534.2272
Duncan, City of      OPEN     
Elk City Public Schools      * Rick Garrison      580.225.0175
Ellis County      * Lynn Smith      580.885.7301
EODD      Ernie Moore      918.682.7891
Eufaula, City of      Open     
Fargo Public Schools      Debbie Perrin      580.698.2298
Garfield County      Lorie Legere      580.237.0225
Goodwell, Town of      Bryant Riffe      580.349.2221
Grady County      Windle Hardy      405.381.3272
Grant County      * Cynthia Bobbit      580.532.6499
Greer County      Steven Fite      580.683.4346
Guymon, City of      Kimberly Meek      580.338.0137
Harper County      * Karen Hickman      580.727.4211
Harper County Hospital      Pamela Dodd      580.735.2555
Hinton, Town of      Matt Mears      405.542.3253
Idabel, City of      Tina Foshee-Thomas      580.286.7608
Jennings, Town of      Kevin Wright      918.693.0003
Johnston County      * Kathy Ross      580.371.3184
Kingfisher County      * Keith Schroder      405.375.5476
Kingfisher, City of      Dave Slezickey      405.375.3705
Lincoln County      Lee Doolin      405.258.1444
Lincoln County E911      OPEN     
McCurtain County      Jimmy Westbrook      580.933.4405
McCurtain County E911      Wade Patterson      580.286.3351
McCurtain County RWD No. 1      Jay Lundry      580.245.1403
McCurtain County RWD No. 8      Leon Westbrook      580.584.2918
Medford, City of      Dea Mandevill      580.395.2823
Muskogee County E911      Daryl Maggard      918.682.6911
Mustang, City of      Laura Anderson      405.376.7744
NE Oklahoma E911 Trust Authority      Jim Thomas      918.341.8842
Ninnekah, Town of      Vernon Riddle      405.222.0882
NODA      Mareta Woodard      580.237.4810
NOSWDA      Cody Hickman      580.727.5009
OEDA      Larry Bostic      580.625.4531
Okay, Town of      Donni Baker      918.687.6585
OMAG      Jon Woods      405.657.1400
OMRF      Jodi Cox      405.606.7880
OMUSA      Deborah Miner      800.636.6376
Pawnee County      * Kristi Moles      918.762.3741
Pittsburg County      Hope Tremmell      918.423.1338
Pond Creek, City of      Brandi Dell      580.532.4915
Pontotoc County      Gary Starns      580.332.3626
Pushmataha County      * Michael Brittingham      580.271.1606
Roff, Town of      Lyle Hedges      580.456.7223
Rogers County Industrial Development Authority      Debi Ward      918.343.8959
Roger Mills County      * Jimmy Beavin      580.497.3395
Roger Mills County Hospital      Cindy Duncan      580.497.3336
Seminole, City of      Steve Saxon      405.650.5341
Seminole County      Tahasha Wilcots      405.257.5142
Stroud, City of      Gayle Thornton      918.987.0026
SWODA      Marsha Shelton      580.562.4882
Talihina, Town of      Jacqueline England      918.567.3242
Texas County      * Jack Strain      580.423.7222
Tipton, Town of      Marvin Huff      580.471.1621
Velma, Town of      Winston Dumas      580.444.3393
Vici Public Schools      Cindy Arnold      580.995.4251
Walters, City of      Douglas Stange      580.875.3337
Warr Acres, City of      Patrick Woolley      405.789.2892
Washington County      * Mike Bouvier      918.337.2820
Washita County      Kristen Dowell      580.832.2284
Wilburton, City of      Cindee Blakenship      918.456.1006
Wilburton Public Works      DeDe Richardson      918.465.2262
Woods County      David Hamil      580.748.0499
Woodward County EMS      Charles Anderson      580.256.2776
Woodward, City of      Mickie Parks      580.254.8590
Yukon, City of      Cindi Shivers      405.350.3926

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