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Day-to-Day operations of the Health Plan are performed by the Health Plan’s Administration Office. Due to the Health Plan being a public trust, the administration of the Health Plan is contracted to McElroy & Associates. When you call the Health Plan’s toll free phone number this is who you are talking to.

McElroy & Associates has been the Health Plan Administrator since 1996. During this time it has overseen and introduced many changes and improvements. Today, the administration of the Health Plan is more complex than at any other time, and with 5 times as many participating employer groups now than in 1996.
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Activities, Duties & Responsibilities

The Health Plan Administrators Office is primarily focused with securing the best vendor contracts available. This allows the Health Plan to continue to offer rich benefits at affordable rates, while also providing expert advice to the Board of Trustees as they make the tough decisions on the future direction of the Health Plan.
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The Health Plan Administrator's Activities, Duties & Responsibilities include:
» Negotiating Vendor Contracts
» Providing Advice to the Board of Trustees
» Managing the Health Plan’s Money
» Annual Financial & Administrative Procedure Audits
» Annual Actuarial Assessment
» Training & Working with Employer Group Benefit Coordinators
» Education of Members, Employer Group's Leadership & Board Representatives
» Website, Newsletters, Plan Wide Mailings & Other Member Communications
» Eligibility, Billing, Customer Service & Day-to-Day Administrative Tasks
» Handling Federal COBRA & HIPAA Requirements
» Securing Health Plan Personal Data
» Toll Free Call Center
» Creation of Health Plan Materials
» New Employer Group Enrollments & Education
» Meeting the Healthcare Reform Law Requirements
» Marketing the Health Plan to Non-participating Employer Groups
» Online HEART (Health Plan Enrollment, Administration & Resource Tool) System
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The Administration Office prides itself on its professionalism, passion and expertise, and is the cornerstone for the success of the Health Plan. It’s ability to provide a wide range of services at industry low rates with a small but dedicated team is impressive. This is backed up by its track record with the Health Plan now covering more ‘Belly-Buttons’ than at any time in its history, offering an extremely benefit rich plan with some of the lowest rates available.
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The Administration Team

Dana McElroy
918.333.3045 x 228

Jennifer Schnelle
Retiree Specialist
918.333.3045 x 224

Lisa Shaw
Group Specialist
918.333.3045 x 221

January Gilmore
Group Specialist
918.333.3045 x 222

Kristy Curry
Group Specialist
918.333.3045 x 225

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