The Health Plan was formed primarily to offer affordable coverage to Oklahoma Public Employees and their families. This is a focus which we excel at and continue to follow through with.

Formation & Construction
The Health Plan is the most affordable solution for Local Government Employers, their Employees and their Families in Oklahoma. The OPEH&W Health Plan was formed in 1992 by 15 participating employers, it is solely owned, operated & controlled by the 100+ employers currently participating. The Health Plan is not an insurance company, it is a public trust formed under the provisions of Oklahoma State Statutes Titles 51 & 74. These statutes allow Oklahoma local government employers to enter into pooled agreements. In this case an agreement to offer healthcare benefits. This means the Health Plan falls under the oversight of the Attorney General of Oklahoma, and not the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Participating employers enter into a Local Government Agreement and a Participation Agreement. There is no contract period, simply a minimum commitment to an initial 12-months participation, after-which any participating employer may leave the Health Plan at any time.

The Health Plan is controlled by a Board of Trustees, comprised by a representative for each participating employer. There is an Executive Voting Board of 14 elected county officials and 1 non-county representative. The Board meets a minimum of 4 times a year under the Open Meeting Act at the ACCO building in Oklahoma City. The Board is responsible for setting premium rates and benefits, making financial decisions, entering into contracts with vendors and approving new employers to the Health Plan. Day-to-Day operations of the Health Plan are performed by the Health Plan's Administration Office.
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